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another thing: i've spoken my mind to nausea about gaming, feedbacks, sospension of incredulity and use of this way of spending oneself time. you may think differently. ok.
so i will not say against actual games (this is just my taste) from this point of view.
but i think that to debate about a major redesign of what is perceived in that rectangle of the screen, starting from a more artistic sense of canon would be useful and to try from every modern game designer. the most game designer(GD) that i had the chance (or sfortune) to meet were just so full of that cheap maya stuff that they eat that simply did'nt had any space left for taste, reality or common sense. GD as well, in different way, art directors in media, (both with or without special effects budget) and arts creatives in adverteasing (i know better those) all of those they just contribute to a immaginary world of disparate "artistic" elements, imagine a quantity of not so differents objects, in a big mass, from wich they also draw at the need. the mayor rule is to follow a kind of false common sense in the chose of the way to get in every single aspect of progress of their fields of application.
in easy words: give them what they expect! but bot b'cause we're intelligent and they are not, only because we too expect just that particular thing!
it's all of that a kind of limitate world that limitating more the fantasy limitate itself.
the more you give percepible but not needed informations, the more you make audible the message.
and the taste in arts has mainly this scope, to order informations as for rythm, mass, contour, tone, value and to get their control in expression to make understandable the objects.
as for what is relate to this board (it's related with everything) you can see good thecnicism and better taste, mean, in visuals of games, in the demos of the amiga scene than in any games around.
my token.
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