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The question from me here is what kind of tests do you want and what kind of feedback do you need? Logs, configs etc.

I tried the new adaptive sync option with black frame insertion and while it works somehow, it is not working well enough. I set the output mode to 120 Hz so it can reduce the output to 100 Hz. The counter on my monitor shows that it is not perfectly stable at 100 Hz but flickers between 100 and 101 Hz (maybe 95% @ 100Hz). This goes in hand with what I see which is extra frames, mostly black frames, so if I look at the picture in the lower left corner in your save state, it flickers occasionally and becomes darker every 0.5-1 sec, indicating that there must be two successive black frames.
Rarely (<5%) it also flickers light, perhaps if it skipped a black frame. No/double/triple buffers does not seem to make a difference here.

I can get a better overall result using the normal vsync 50/60 Hz option and setting the output mode to 100 Hz. Here it seems quite stable with 50/50 black frame insertion.
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