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Originally Posted by matthey View Post

Amiga Quake 2 versions which do not require Warp3D are available including sources but you still need a compatible FPU. Most 3D engines from the PC/x86 world require a FPU and/or SIMD unit with fp support.
Ye I got a little carried away there. 🍻 My brain was already seeing the gold core with pipelined FPUs etc... 😳 I know Quake needs FPU.

Can you suggest a good QII port thats running on 060 +AGA? My 060 is only at 66MHz but it's a rev 6 so I could increase that. But it would only be for testing anyway until the Vamp gets its FPU.

(Currently trying out different Editors and config them with my awkward Steam-path to QII).
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