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Originally Posted by LocoSombrero View Post
Hehe, I was about to comment about the first "A500 Gotek Top Games"-pack that there's a lot of my own personal favorites missing as well.

It would be cool if there would be different game-pack versions for different-sized memory sticks, i.e. 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, basically up until the 999 disk limit. It's a bit of a pain to check out all different disk images out there and see which ones work 100%.

My personal favorites that were missing from the first games set were titles such as: Darkseed, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Ski Or Die, Body Blows Galactic, Hostages, Weird Dreams -- to mention a few ...

Other than that, keep up the good work Now downloading the 2nd edition and checking it out
Thanks. It would almost be impossible for me to know what games everyone likes. But the games I put in the tracklist are very known and popular games I believe. Anyway, its very easy for people that download this to just extend the list and assign more games to the list. Also, as I said, the first 20 slots are empty and from 513 and outwards are also empty.

I'm currently working on the 4GB image which contains the exact same archive. For people with 4GB USB drives of course. I will probably not bother with anything more than 8GB because even with the game base and alot of demos on, it is still just half full. The 4GB version however is almost full.

Oh, and if it turns out some ADF games dont work, just switch out the ADFs with another version. As long as you use the exact same filename and just overwrite the previous ones you dont need to assign it again.

Please let me know how it goes!
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