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Originally Posted by James View Post
No, the software renderer works, the requirement for Warp3D was simply a matter of speed.
Ok I see, so the minimum requirements were to ensure a certain framerate on stock 060.
Do you know how much difference it makes in fps? (Warp 3d vs AGA)?.

Btw, I played QII on my PC last night and realized that the "QII look" I remembered from back in the day was the filtered low-res texture look - whereas QI was mostly played on software renderer with unfiltered pixels with that LEGO look.
I don't suppose there's a way to get texture filtering on 68k without 3d gfx hardware?
There was talk about The Vampire (gold core or later) to get some SIMD instructions (MMX). In the future maybe a wasp3d driver could be rewritten to speed up some stuff using SIMD.
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