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Originally Posted by seb132 View Post
Kipper2k. Thanks for your great effort! Is the hdmi cable you've built going to be available for sale too? All my A600 and A1200 have no more RF modulators and brand new ceramic capacitors...
I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to have Vampire boards and cable built elsewhere in China or Vietnam... There are some good manufacturers there.
I'm still waiting for Majsta to build mine I guess...
Hi, Thanks for the kind words, The problem with third party manufacturing is cash up front issues, customs duties and the price of parts. take your car to a mechanic and he hits you for inreased parts cost and also labour, it all adds up. We are trying to keep prices reasonable. Boards will be mostly preassembled when i get them and the expensive components and socket i will time has now decreased significantly.

for the HDMI adapter cable, once it is tested at higher resolutions then i will let you know. i have sold a few to people willing to test them, they work great at the lower res but havent had a good runout at high res. (escept for me, worked fine at 1280 x 720)
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