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Greetings from Budapest

Hey Guys,

thanks for let me to join EAB. I'm a 33 years old Network Architect & computer programmer located here in Budapest, Hungary and in during my spare time, I'm happy to work on restoration projects... Last time (which took 18 months) I completely restored an original SNK Neo-Geo arcade machine from the '90s. (you can find a picture about the StarCade here and a gallery from my VG collection here) As a hobbi, I'm collecting some retro consoles & computers since my childhood. I just say that i'm a big fan of 80's Commodore products but I just played in C64 & 128 team until now.

Now, 1st in my life finally I got an Amiga 500 & 1200. Latter is in great condition, but for the Amiga 500 I decided to restore it a bit. I've created a plan to build a up a paper/carton box (you can find the thread at EAB forums) because it's missing or impossible to get one but in parallel, clean-up the machine inside, replace some problematic capacitor and purchase some low-mid accelerator just for playing games more comfortable only. I rather say, it's more than a "care or collectionr", it's a love & enthusiasm what I feel about my beauties...

In overall, thanks for let me join, it's good to be an Amiga owner.

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