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Large HDD capacity formatting woes in WinUAE (fitzsteve)

I've been following the instructions and guide in this YouTube video by fitzsteve on Tutorial - Large Disk Support for Amiga OS (Workbench), to format a 32 GB micro SD card that I want to use as storage in en externally mounted SCSI2SD micro SD adapter. YouTube link [ Show youtube player ]

I have a primary or internal 16 GB card in a SCSI2SD, as my main HDD unit, configured with WB3.9. It is working very well and stable.

Just like in the tutorial, I'm using Classic WB 3.9 in WinUAE and the PFS3aio-handler. I can partition the card into 4 partitions of approx. 8 GB each, non-bootable (for storage only) but when I tried to format the partitions I can only format the first 2, before start getting a NoDOS device message.

What am I missing? Or what is missing in the instructions that I can't get the same result?
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