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Meanwhile, Gunnar has pretty much confirmed that the FPU in Apollo will be better (and more compatible? Still not entirely clear in this matter) than the one in the 060. No timeframe, but sounds promising.
I doubt the Apollo core FPU will be more compatible than the 68060 FPU. It would need to be mostly bug free even if the decision was made to add all the 68060 FPU instructions, use extended precision fp, use the same supervisor stack frame format (68040 and 68060 are different), etc. The performance with the Apollo core FPU could probably be better as larger caches, more memory bandwidth and fully pipelining should more than make up for some of the disadvantage of slower wide shifting and multiplying in FPGA.

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Edit: Apollo-core Should be powerful enough to run Quake 2. I know @NovaCoder ran it on AGA + 75MHz 060. 100+MIPS & any kind of RTG should maybe be seen as the minimum requirement for a decent Q2 experience.
I'm sure the Gold Core will beat that with some healthy margin.
The Quake 2 engine is not much slower than the Quake 1 engine. Amiga versions of Quake 1 may be relatively faster because they are better optimized. I believe NovaCoder was using a 68060@80MHz with AGA (I use a 68060@75MHz with RTG) but the c2p becomes a small percentage of the CPU time with faster processors. Most of the performance is integer dependent which includes compiler and caching issues on the 68060. The 68060 does not seem to have large enough caches for the bloat that large modern compilers produce for large modern and semi-modern programs. The Apollo core probably has fixed the cache bottlenecks (which are now much larger than PPC caches considering the code density) but the outdated and poor 68k compiler backends are more difficult to fix.

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Anyone tried to run the Hyperion QII port on Vampire?
If I remember this correctly, the 68k port required Warp3d, so I guess Wazp3d is needed att the very least? (Which is kind of ironic considering Nova Coder had it running on AGA, but ok, on overclocked 060...)
Amiga Quake 2 versions which do not require Warp3D are available including sources but you still need a compatible FPU. Most 3D engines from the PC/x86 world require a FPU and/or SIMD unit with fp support.
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