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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
and there's mega (co nz) which is free and allows 50gb of space
Really? I made a new tracklist in word and my 8GB USB drive image is filled with about 4GB of games and demos. Image will still be 8GB though.

So if people are interested I could do it. It would be as simple as downloading the image and word document, then mirror the image to your own 8GB USB stick then use the word document with what games are in what track or print it out. On my latest tracklist I took out games that was over 5 disks (like monkey island 2) but have in general known/good games. The tracklist starts at track 21 and goes to track 512. All filled with games. Even put save disks for games I know will need it. There is much more games on the USB stick than the ones pre-loaded in the tracks. I downloaded the whole game archive from emuparadise. There is also a folder with a nice demo collection made by some dude. Keep in mind that all AGA games and other languages than English versions of ADFs are removed to save space. I made this for Amiga 500/Amiga 600 OCS/ECS.
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