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Originally Posted by intric8 View Post
Shinobi (arcade)

No telling how many quarters it took to get my skill to finally finish that game w/o continues, but that day did indeed come. It was glorious.

Loved that game...
Nice to hear there are other ppl that share my love for the original arcade Shinobi, not the crapload of dodgy sequels on 20 different platforms or so.
IMO, The original Shionbi is one of the most perfectly packaged arcade games ever. It's easy to pick up, it has decent graphics, good sound, it has a very balanced learning curve, it feels fair to the player, its nicely portioned into stages, missions and the bonus stages for variation, its just the right length (overall), and it's definitely beatable with one coin, but it takes time to get that good. And even after you beat it, it has replay value as there are bonuses for remaining time, not using ninja magic and clearing bonus levels.
Not perfect, but damn close, in my opinion.
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