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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
i did an unrequested take to the title too, using more acoustic samples and make it sound like an irish folktune - despite some ironing on tune up is mostly done, and in the zone: any feedback?
Sorry, meant to get back to you.

Im going to be as constructive as possible. I really didnt like it at all

I welcome contributions from anyone and everyone, however, some of the tunes I have had from some people are of such a high calibre that anything not quite up to their standard unfortunately shows up.

When ADRdesign did the music for Where Time Stood Still, he did me a 1:1 ST conversion and then a really kick ass Amiga remix.

ADRdesign has set a bar, Hoffman has also contributed to Starquaks and his effort is well......awesome. Leathered (RIP) did music for WTSS and that was great as well.

Any submissions have to be of the same standard as what has come before, and unfortunately on this occassion, i dont feel that module is right.

I sound like a record mogul rejecting talent ffs
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