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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post

a) "Hallowe'en Level" was a special for Hallowe'en, it is not a level in Mr Beanbag. In fact i decided to do a different level for every month of the year, and package them all together as "Beanbag Seasons", but i only got round to doing two of them so far.
Hey there Amy,

Wow 2 you say? Am I right in saying these are "Halloween Level" & "Burns Night Special"?

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
b) I hope i will finish it but so much to do, so little time. The game only really needs the final boss to be finished, and an end sequence. I had picked up development again a couple of years ago and that is when my A1200's accelerator died and i haven't done any work on it since. I heard one person actually got as far as the final boss (which is there but not possible to defeat it, also there is a bug when you die at that point).
Oh, sorry to hear that about your A1200. You could always continue with WinUAE and later get someone to test on a real A1200

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
HOL need not add this entry until all 12 levels are complete! Maybe...

Thanks for your interest.
You are planning 12 levels for Beanbag Seasons - Burns Night Special? Excellent

My girlie is half Scottish; hence why I was just on holiday there

Her father is an old Scottish international rugby union man plus a BBC Radio 5 commentator and he has a nice apartment right next to Gleneagles golf course / hotel.

She's not really into games but I showed her your Beanbag Seasons - Burns Night Special and she smiled when she saw the Scottish Highland cattle / thistle / kilts etc.
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