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a) "Hallowe'en Level" was a special for Hallowe'en, it is not a level in Mr Beanbag. In fact i decided to do a different level for every month of the year, and package them all together as "Beanbag Seasons", but i only got round to doing two of them so far.

b) I hope i will finish it but so much to do, so little time. The game only really needs the final boss to be finished, and an end sequence. I had picked up development again a couple of years ago and that is when my A1200's accelerator died and i haven't done any work on it since. I heard one person actually got as far as the final boss (which is there but not possible to defeat it, also there is a bug when you die at that point).

HOL need not add this entry until all 12 levels are complete! Maybe...

Thanks for your interest.
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