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Sorry for digging up an old thread...

I always knew of this game but never bothered to try and find or give it a bash

Anyway; while away in Scotland I had some time on my hands so came across Mrs Beanbag's cool site:

So; I'm now playing the following from .ADF:

... Mr Beanbag! (with scrolling fix patch applied)
... Beanbag Seasons - Burns Night Special (not available from the website as an .ADF so I created one; in The Zone! for anyone who would find this useful)
... Mr Beanbag! - Halloween Level

A few questions if I may;

a) I obviously want to get the full Beanbag experience so have downloaded "Mr Beanbag! - Halloween Level" also.

This file seems to be from 2007; is it not incorporated into "Mr Beanbag!"?

I checked the website --> "Media" where "All Zones - Screenshots" are shown but don't see this Halloween level.

b) Such a cool game; would be awesome to have it completed someday. Really a question for Mrs Beanbag; any plans to finish this gem?

Oh yeah; finally HOL needs to add an entry for "Beanbag Seasons - Burns Night Special"
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