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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Only because it would look horrible without vsync (or gsync).

I'll try to add gsync/freesync vsync option (in vsync selection GUI) that is optimized for gsync/freesync hardware. (It has really different requirements)

But only if you will volunteer to test it very much

Which filter? Some of them require very high pixel shader execution speed. (tens, maybe even hundreds of shader operations per pixel, 50 times a second! EDIT: 100 times a second with your config.)
I am not at my PC right now, but from memory, one filter was called CRT, the other was CRT Bright. Perhaps it could also be related to me running in the full 2560x1440 resolution and does 4x mean quadruple supersampling i.e. 4x internal resolution? Because that would be a massive amount of pixels..

I will do what I can to test your gsync option as much as possible. It is something that would be very useful for me and others with adaptive sync monitor.
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