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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Now I just need to be able to enable black frame insertion without having to enable vsync, but this is not possible for some reason?
Only because it would look horrible without vsync (or gsync).

I'll try to add gsync/freesync vsync option (in vsync selection GUI) that is optimized for gsync/freesync hardware. (It has really different requirements)

But only if you will volunteer to test it very much

I also tried using the CRT shader filter as well to get a better CRT like quality, but it seems like my PC cannot handle it. It can do ok on 1x, but higher than that and after a little while it starts to go down to maybe 98 Hz and the sound starts stuttering. The scroller always stays smooth, probably due to G-Sync. What is the main culprit here? I have an i7-6700K CPU with a GTX760 graphics card, so the hardware should be decent.
Which filter? Some of them require very high pixel shader execution speed. (tens, maybe even hundreds of shader operations per pixel, 50 times a second! EDIT: 100 times a second with your config.)
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