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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Also, select refresh rate below 80Hz to prevent any frame duplication modes being activated.

Use attached statefile to test smooth scrolling (A500 with cycle exact needed or top part of scroller start flickering). Huge horizontal scroller will show any possible missed or doubled frames very easily.
Using your save state on a plain A500 config, it seems that G-Sync now works.
I need to fiddle some more with the details, but generally it syncs to 50 Hz, even if I select a 120 Hz screen mode, so there is no frame doubling going on. It stays locked on 50 Hz in any buffering mode, even with no buffering.

If I turn on black frame insertion and use a vsync mode to enable it, the monitor now syncs to 100 Hz as it should and the scroller looks even clearer, so black frame insertion + G-Sync equals even more niceness.
Now I just need to be able to enable black frame insertion without having to enable vsync, but this is not possible for some reason?

I also tried using the CRT shader filter as well to get a better CRT like quality, but it seems like my PC cannot handle it. It can do ok on 1x, but higher than that and after a little while it starts to go down to maybe 98 Hz and the sound starts stuttering. The scroller always stays smooth, probably due to G-Sync. What is the main culprit here? I have an i7-6700K CPU with a GTX760 graphics card, so the hardware should be decent.
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