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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
The way I look at it..
The time it takes to scroll to something in the middle is still way less than with physicals.. That could go something like:
OK, going to my floppy holders and flipping thru to find the one I want, which SHOULD be right there because they are alphabetized, but it isn't..
Dang it..
I didn't put it back... Grrrrr..
Must be on my desk somewhere...
Not seeing it...
Hmmm.. Is it behind the Amiga? Shuffle shuffle shuffle.. Nope..
AH! Here it is, under the Apple II floppies!!! Now i remember doing that...

So, a few seconds holding a button is much faster than that..


Exactly! I was thinking about writing something like this. Also, you can imagine if you had 999 real floppy disks Most of us had 200 - 300 back in the day. I now have 300 working floppy disks and have written games to about 130 of them. Even with 130 it takes a little bit to find a certain game. On my Gotek I have over 500 tracks filles with ADFs and have a printed out list which is alphabetical and with what ADF is in what track. It does not take much effort to load up a game. I would say it's almost as convenient as using whdload and iGame. With iGame I need to boot up classic workbench, then start iGame. With the Gotek I just look in my list to find the game I want then a few seconds later I'm loading it.
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