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Thanks for all the answers. Yes I left out whdload from this poll as it is HD storage and also left out a combined option for floppy emulator and floppy disks because I wanted to get a general feeling as to how many people are still using floppy disks. Even though I know many people uses all options I wanted to see if anyone had left real floppies completely.

As I said, I use all the options myself. I voted for floppy disks because I now use them regularly for games. I find that nothing can beat that feeling of handling disks and hearing the floppy drive working. Even just sitting with X-copy fixing or copying disks gives me quite the good feeling.

However, I must admit that my Goteks are very handy and of course my whdload setups. I tried a sound mod for one of my Goteks and removed it because the sound from a PC speaker is just wrong and quite annoying compared to a real disk drive. I found it better with no sound.

Edit: I also got a huge batch of Amiga floppy disks from a friend that had bought them together with some Amigas on ebay. I found that many of these had mold on them and were smelly. Cleaning them with an ear cotton and isoprop fixed many of them. but in general, considering how many disks there were, very few of them could be fixed easily. I suspect many if these disks came from a country with alot of humidity. I can imagine that living in those types of places will make the use of old floppy disks difficult. All my old Amiga disks from 1991 had no mold on them (low humidity in North of Norway) and could save probably 75% of them by using x-copy and rewrite them.

One of the first things I did after I started this retro journey over 1 year ago was cutting into my perfect condition (no yellowing) Amiga 500 to fit a Gotek. Had I known what I know now I would never have done it, even though I took my time and turned out pretty good. Since then I have aquired 4 more Amiga 500s which I have not been cutting.

Here is how it looks:

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