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I actually like floppy disks. I like the idea, the design, the mechanism, etc.. I love the noisy and apparently hefty work a disk drive does when reading a floppy. I even love small little things, like the little drawings I did on their stickers and every single floppy disk had its singularity, its uniqueness, its individuality. I even love their scent and its immensely nostalgic retro feel.

But I hate how flimsy, fragile, unreliable and prone to damage they are. I hate it when I pick up a disk that yesterday was all peachy and today it messes my disk drive, decalibrating the headers or even damaging the sensors. I hate the sense of loss when a floppy disk is unrepairable and I loose the game that was in it. I hate the frustration of having to spend quite some time recalibrating a disk drive after an experience with a bad disk, sometimes to the point of having to physically open up the disk drive and having to mettle with it internally. I especially HATE it when the disk drive is rendered unrepairable because of a severely faulty floppy disk (have had at least two of these situations).

So, now-a-days, I have two USB Gotek drives on two of my Amigas and I love how smooth and reliable they are; how they even seem to take less time to load games than an actual, physical floppy disk drive; I love the fact that you store your "disks" in a small, single flash pen instead of having tens of drawers filled up with floppy disk archives which are cumbersome and potentially damageable.

I still have two Amigas in stock condition with their original floppy disk drive in place. Those are the ones I use when I'm most inclined for a trip down nostalgia lane. I also use old, DB9 joysticks with those Amigas for the full "I'm back in 1990" feel. But that happens only ever so often (about once a month, perhaps) yet I use my other Goteked Amigas every day - which means that I use floppy emulators a lot more. I love the ease with which you can add ADFs to them and significantly expand your games library, I love how you can fetch the best cracks/versions of every game instead of sticking with the ones you had 30 years ago, I love the way that you just connect the USB flash drive to a PC and it's ready to go and then on to the Amiga and it's ready to go, I love the fact that I can cram what would be, literally, a room full of disks onto a very small 32GB flash pen, etc..

I also adhere to the "third option" already mentioned on previous comments: WHDLoad. It is even better than a Gotek: faster, more versatile and with added improvements to many games, it is the choice of champions. That's what I use with my A1200. The A500 I use every day has a Gotek drive, since I haven't fitted any Hard Disk on any of my A500.

So, technically, I use both floppies and emuators, though the one I use the most - excluding WHDLoad, which isn't part of the poll - is the Gotek floppy emulator (which I have in both Cortex and HxC flavour). Disks are awesome to look at and even to operate with and are the ultimate nostalgic experience, but their downsides are just too numerous and troublesome to be worth a daily experience.

tl;dr: I mostly use floppy emulators, 'cause they're easy to use, can store lots of content, the USB flash drives are PC/Amiga interchangeable and their operation is much less prone to trouble.
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