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Is there a way for you to check the A520 on another machine, to see if it's the A500 of the A520 that's toast?

You could inspect the RGB connectors on the A500 and the A520 (inside and outside) to see if you can find any damaged pins or loose solder joints. (Visually or with a multimeter)

If you gamble on the RGB port working, Cobe's last suggestion to use an amiga RGB to SCART cable (£10) with a SCART to composite adapter (£2) would be the cheapest.
But make sure to buy a cable from amigakit, as older cables may or may not have the composite signal, and they do not have a resistor on the composite signal that modern TVs usually require.
(Not sure if amiga RGB to composite cables are available anywhere, but it would be even cheaper, as it is only two wires and a resistor. You could make one yourself)

There is also this 35USD adapter that will give you colour composite and S-video from the RGB port. S-video is almost as good as RGB scart.

And this 15hz capable monitor would still be cheaper than an indivision at £50 plus £39 shipping. If you'd prefer a small LCD TV you'd probably find those even cheaper.

Most european TVs have RGB scart (a few have scart without RGB support), also small and cheap ones, so you could check the second hand market and take the chance on any euro tv set. I'm sure some europeans must have brought their TV over when they moved. They work fine in Oz over hdmi after all.

Good luck!

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