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Just wanted to say that i give up on making music on amiga. The last 2 tunes will probably never be finished. I got midi to work as said but when sending files with sysex hd-rec hanged/crashed. Sometimes the whole system. All this test and trial have taken too much time. Its time to move on.

Ill keep os4.1FE/Winuae and keep my eyes on the betas. Thanks again for all the help.

EDIT: I tried an old os3.9 setup of mine instead of amikit. Maaaan it loaded fast. Amikit must have alot of stuff making it boot longer and slower. Anyway i just wanted to add that i forgot that hd-rec can actually be told to use serial.device etc instead of a driver. Its a plugin called "camd2device". It works both on os4 and os39 but doesnt seem stable. However using uaenet.device or uaeserial.device dont work as you see in the picture. Only serial.device works but only one port. Just so you know of this plugin. But anyway sending sysex and receiving doesnt work. Strange stuff happens when sending and nothing when receiving.

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