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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
I would love to have a real genuine 68k (ie not HW emulated) Amiga motherboard in standard M-ATX format.
Even though it's been very quiet from Jens regarding this new mobo, I'm guessing we are way, waaaay beyond the point where we could wish for specific features and something as major as going for a completely different form factor probably never was planned at all. mATX 68k with "genuine Motorola cpu" most likely will never happen.

This is supposed to be a replacement mobo for A500 and A1200 users.
The CPU choice is yours to make too as the mobo has none. I will be disappointing if the V1200 Vampire won't work with this mobo because then you're left with the underpowered 030 cards from ICOMP or *some* overpriced 20+ years old 040/060 cards.(he certainly won't make any efforts to make sure anything except Blizzards will function out of the 3rd party accelerators).
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