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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Technically it should already work as long as vsync is _not_ enabled. (may need double or triple buffer enabled) but some gsync/freesync option probably will be required to get lowest possible latency.
I tried it out, and while the monitor stays in G-Sync mode while WinUAE is in full screen, it remains at the refresh rate of the output screen mode, e.g. 100 or 120 Hz. I would expect it to go to 50 Hz with Vsync off. There is no change whether I choose Vsync on or off. So effectively G-Sync is not working. Any ideas as to what else I could try?

I ended up getting this PG279Q monitor since I couldn't wait for those 4k IPS 100+Hz G-Sync models to come out. It's a quite nice monitor though.
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