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Originally Posted by Olecranon View Post
You guys and your love for the wedge case I'll never understand.

You assume the Amiga became popular as a direct result of the aesthetic appearance of the wedge. The Amiga became popular because the wedge was a cheap and dirty way to reduce the price. Once the A500 hit that $595 USD price point in the states it became popular. I didn't know a single person back in the day that wanted an A500 over and A2000. IMO the A3000 was probably the sexiest Amiga.

Make the thing an ATX or mATX board with a PS2 keyboard adapter and call it a day. No mucking around with crowd sourced plastic cases and cannibalizing 30 year old keyboard.
I would love to have a real genuine 68k (ie not HW emulated) Amiga motherboard in standard M-ATX format.
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