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Originally Posted by Schuimpy View Post
AMIGA CASE : Officially licensed by Amiga Inc.

Dear Amigans,

I am very proud and exited to announce the AMIGA CASE project is now officially licensed by Amiga Inc., which means the original Amiga logo will be on the AMIGA CASE.

Its going very fast now and you can expect the launch of the campaign soon.

Next week I'll come with a more detailed update.

Thank you very very much for your patience.

@Schuimpy In your original post you mentioned that Amiga Reloaded buyers would be in for a surprise, any chance you can shed some light on the timeframe for the Reloaded availability and if your campaign is in any way synced with it.
(Meaning, will we know if the Reloaded will happen at the time your campaign will be active. )
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