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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
My logic behind this reasoning is that it's the resulting experience that counts. If the Vampire makes it possible to run DukeNukem in 640*480. @30fps then that is usable and good. Reducing rendering times from 10 days to 3 days is still a couple of magnitudes to slow to be enjoyable.
"Stick to the stuff you can do well" - kind of thing.
Some people would say the fps games at 640x480x16 and less than 100 fps are completely rubbish too. Sometimes there is simple rendering and modelling that are useful (certainly more useful than most games). There is some useful productivity software for the Amiga that uses floating point. They probably aren't going to beat major productivity software on other platforms but they may still be useful and even good at some things. Most of the old software can be found for cheap or free. We can compile most software with old and new compilers if the hardware is compatible with existing Amigas. As outdated as the Amiga is in performance, the 68k+FPU is an adequate standard architecture for most modern software.
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