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I think the confusion was caused by involving software. I think there's also a danger of compensating back and forth and get even more confused Certainly a picture exported for HAM6 should not be changed just because it is shown by the AGA chipset, and I don't change any RGB color values after loading the pic to make it display correctly on AGA. The difference is still that it displays correctly on A1200-060 but not on emulated A1200-060 (both cold boot, no s-s).

It's quite visible, and also affects horizontally adjacent shades close to white. While the MODified component could still go across $8, I think the simple description is that AGA displays and handles HAM6 as OCS.

If it's fixed, I can't verify it, latest beta freezes on my PC. But just run Frazetta. It should not look like the pic in attachment.

Gallery --> here.

| EDIT: Got latest beta running, this seems to be fixed since October. Bah, lots of testing for nothing. I will still leave this here to say don't modify your HAM6 pictures or palette for display on AGA.
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