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Amiga A1300
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Big grin My Amiga 1300 DVD

this is what I call Amiga 1300 DVD.
A good friend of mine custom design it

Black (Double Acrylic Silk coated) A1200 DVD

A1200 Motherboard
Blizzard Mk IV 68030 (FULL with MMU) @ 50mhz and FPU @ 50mhz (the best 030 there is)

32mb Fast Ram (EDO 60ns)

3.2GB UltraSlim Toshiba 3.2GB HDD

Slimeline DVD Rom Drive (Reads CD's and DVD's) Internally mixed with Amiga

AmiVGA ScanDoubler / VGA Adapter. Allows std Amiga Workbench Screen Modes to be displayed on a std VGA Monitor

KickStart 3.1

OS 3.5 and extras (Internet, Tools etc)

IDE Splitter with IDEfix97' software and drivers. This enables the the HDD and DVD Rom to
run on their own IDE Channels, so they are both Master with no Master / Slave slowdown.

Heavy Duty 230watt PSU (110v-250v switchable)

Black Amiga Technologies Mouse (High Resolution)

PCMCIA Fax Modem, Ready Connectable To Internet For Browsing and Email

PCMCIA Compact Flash Reader

Well...Not bad eh ?
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