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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I worry more about the FPU compatibility than the speed. I would prefer an extended precision FPU rather than a double precision FPU which was last I heard (faster and saves logic but potentially less compatible). I doubt the loss of precision would affect the Quake source but it could very well affect fp support like the 68040sp/68060sp/mu68040.library/mu68060.library and compiler support which may need major rewrites for the Apollo core FPU (algorithms for extended precision can be simpler). When I left, it didn't sound like there would be enough room in the FPGA for all 68060 FPU instructions.
AFAIK very few real time engines use Double Precision Float (and only very recently). Don't think a lot of ppl are going to render or do CAD on their Vampires, to double precision seems overkill tbh. For compatibility reasons may be it can be solved with some clever libs. Idk
First time I hear they are running out of space in the FPGA, but then again, the rumors about the expansion port on the V1200 allowing bigger FPGAs maybe makes a bit more sense now :-)
(Not that I'm complaining, I wouldn't mind paying $100 more to get the more advanced FPGA right away on the 1200 version, though I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen).
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