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Help me decide on the best video option (A500)

So I just picked up an A500 that I want to use to test if my code works on the real hardware and potentially play some games.

Hooking up the monochrome video to my TV works fine (I can see the kickstart screen), but as I don't have any floppies I can't test it further until I get a gotek. I tired to use an A520, but all I got was an extremely fuzzy green version of the display. Not sure if its the 520 or the 500 RGB.

So I need to choose how I am going to get video. So far these are my options:

(1) Indivision ECS - seems great. I am guessing if any of the RGB output circuits in my 500 are dead, this would bypass them. My main concern is the reports that it seems like quite a hassle to consistently get it to stick in 50hz mode which is one of the main reasons I want a the real hardware.

(2) Try and find a multi-sync monitor that can sync at 15khz. Could be cheap if I can find a monitor. But assumes the RGB output still works ok.

(3) Some combination of scart -> xxxx -> hdmi/component. This option seems probably more expensive than (1) and again assumes the RGB output is ok.

I am guessing this is a well trodden path and would love to have guidance from those who have been there before more.
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