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From the video:

It takes 30 seconds to boot directly into AmigaOS 3.9 with this config:
Raspberry Pi 2B emulating:
Amiga 1200
68040 + FPU (JIT enabled)
AGA chipset
8 MB Chipram
64 MB Fastmem

Of course, this can easily be changed.

I wonder how well it performs on the Raspberry pi 3 and Zero.
And does bsdsocket.library support work? (Is it possible to have the Amiga connect to the internet?).
Is it possible to change the bootlogo (Happiga in blue) for one I already have? How?

It would be also interesting to see how it performs with normal Amiga applications & workbench.
BTW, what does it report on SysInfo mips tests?

Really great work.
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