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I keep getting version control marker errors. It points to the part that says >>>>> 1.1.0b or whatever it was exactly (can't recall precisely, on a different computer now).
I had the same problem and I managed to fix it, I think. It's tricky to resolve merge conflicts in codebase you know nothing about. I managed to build and install the emulator on my iPhone 5S.

Anyways, the emulator is buggy, has terrible UI, doesn't work pretty much at all and logs no info useful for debugging. I synced the ROM file and two ADFs (for Lotus III). I choose the ADFs in the app but nothing happens. The log says the ADFs are missing (even though they're visible in ADF chooser screen) and nothing happens. Not even the "insert disk" screen shows.

I was gonna try to hunt the issues and fix them, but I got occupied with other things (namely, the F1 season start and Fallout 4 DLC).
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