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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think this is such a good idea if UAE expansions are in use...
I haven't tested it in a little while but uaegfx/uaehf and directory hard drives were working fine with Petunia disabled (falling back to the BlackBox emulation perhaps?).

*Edit* just did a quick test - zero issues with Petunia disabled - no slowdowns either. Are you sure your extensions are even using Petunia?

Originally Posted by AmigaOS Wiki
In version 4.0 of AmigaOS, two different emulators were implemented; one is the successor of BlackBox emulation, it is an interpretive emulator, thus the emulation speed is mediocre. On the other hand it has a very low "reaction time", and is ideal for time critical parts, such as interrupts.

The other is Petunia, the "JIT emulator". A fast, but less compatible way of emulation of the legacy Motorola processors. It is intended mainly for emulating applications, and therefore, when execution of the application leaves the bounds of the application's code segment, emulation falls back to the interpretive method, where it does its job and returns to the JIT emulation again.

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