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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Are you saying that OS 3.1 will even run the older OCS games under WHDLoad, even under AGA? And a faster processor? I figured they wouldn't run properly unless it was on their original processor and hardware?
This is basically the entire reasoning behind WHDLoad! To iron out compatibility issues the original developers have not (or could not have) accounted for, also beyond just hard drive installability.

Now, not all WHDLoad slaves are perfect, and you might have to adjust settings for an individual game, but the goal is that everything will work on anything.

AGA is backwards compatible, everything that you could do on OCS/ECS you can also do on AGA. The same goes more or less for the 68k CPU line, sometimes fixes may have to be done in the WHDLoad slave.

3.1 has no dependency on AGA, it was released for everything including the A500.

Here's my rather expanded A4000 happily running all kinds of older games: [ Show youtube player ]
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