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Sorry to continue off-topic for a second here folks! And lets not forget the great little touches in Suikoden like as your army expanded your Home base/Castle continued to expand & have features added to it!
Originally played it on rental,then after fruitless searching finally managed to secure it about a year or so ago-my biggest regret /annoyance is never being being able to get the sequel.
Although not in the FF class of depth, its still a great game.

Anyway,back on topic (somewhat!). Finally had a look at Pirates to see what the fuss was about-sailing around takes some getting used to,& quite fiddly,one go saw my ships wiped out in seconds for supposedly brushing too close to the shoreline, but before I even had time to react with changing the mouse pointer it'd smashed my mini-fleet in seconds.

Plus,on a another try, followed the stuffy governer's whims about taking on their enemies, took out an enemy merchant ship & when I tried to return back to port they sunk one of my ships for no bloody good reason!

I must admit,a map to navigate what island is what would be handy, it's very easy to become lost!
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