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Originally Posted by atromhtos View Post
Not fix
Please post your WinUAE config (.uae) and I'll take a look at it.

Originally Posted by psykicko
Only thing that is a little bit wrong is some logo's in some requesters. It shows in pink colour. Other then that looks good. Oh right the os4.1 FE bootlogo dont show. Everything is black until workbench appears. With the old picasso driver it shows the bootlogo.
The pink warning dialogs only seem to happen in a 32-bit screenmode (or possibly when the system's running low on video RAM) - try changing the 32-bit color mode to 'A8R8G8B8' in WinUAE under the RTG board tab. Incidentally, running in 16-bit will free up some fast RAM too. The bootlogo only seems to appear for certain gfx cards and uaegfx isn't one of them

Originally Posted by psykicko
But then this 128mb ram limit is killing the system when using OWB. I had the same problem when i had A1G4XE. When i changed to 256mb it was much better but had to restart it a couple of times to free memory.
I'm preparing a guide for optimizing AmigaOS 4.1 under WinUAE but for now, take a look at the attached Kicklayout - there's a *lot* than can be disabled without affecting functionality. Petunia can also be disabled if you're only running PPC apps saving a further 9MB (I leave it enabled since I use TVPaint). Turn off WBStartup stuff like Ringhio and Screenblankerengine too. On boot I have 81MB free - enough to run NetSurf pretty comfortably. (oh, the more video RAM and Z3 swap you allocate, the less fast you'll have too - I stick to 32MB video RAM, 64MB Z3 swap).

*Note: make a backup of your .hdf before editing the Kicklayout - if you're not using uaegfx/uaehf.device these settings won't boot since they disable all the Cyberstorm/Picasso stuff*

Originally Posted by psykicko
I hope we get the 128mb ram limit removed somehow in future for more use About warp3d i dont know anything if it would be possible ?
That'd be nice eh? Hopefully Hyperion will do this eventually. For Warp3D you can install Alain Thellier's Wazp3D - don't expect miracles though since it's software rendering (I got Wipeout 2097 'running' with it but it was very slow).
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