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As im new here i read most of the threads to see what i can do to make my os4 system work as good as possible under winuae. Before i read another thread about changing to uaegfx but i probably did it wrong. I changed all the tooltypes to that from your picture Aegis. I use 64mb for gfx now. Only thing that is a little bit wrong is some logo's in some requesters. It shows in pink colour. Other then that looks good. Oh right the os4.1 FE bootlogo dont show. Everything is black until workbench appears. With the old picasso driver it shows the bootlogo. Maybe its discussed somewhere but i havent read about it but anyway thats how it works here so far.

Thanks also for the help on getting the network to work. I did it before too but i probably forgot earlier to choose dhcp. Not strange it didnt work. Now its fine But then this 128mb ram limit is killing the system when using OWB. I had the same problem when i had A1G4XE. When i changed to 256mb it was much better but had to restart it a couple of times to free memory. When i moved on to x1000 i had 4gb ram so no restart needed. Anyway now i have only windows machines at home and run winuae (except bricked x1000). Workbench speed is fast, using dopus is fast etc. I hope we get the 128mb ram limit removed somehow in future for more use

About warp3d i dont know anything if it would be possible ?

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