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Originally posted by trance007
By recording in lower resolution, I was able to save the entire demo to an AVI smaller than 4Gb, but now I discovered the Audio get un-synchronized of the Video

At the begining, sound and video are synchronized, but the more you advance into the video, the more the delay between audio and video is noticiable.
After 10 minutes there is about 2 seconds of delay.

This is anoying as this demo was well known to have a perfect synchronisation between music and visual effects.
This shouldn't be difficult to correct in Virtualdub. Load the AVI in, go to video > frame rate. VD will sometimes offer a value to sync AV but it's not always correct. If the suggested framerate doesn't help, then just experiment.

You can navigate to the end of the capture and preview the new framerate in realtime. When you're happy, click video > direct stream copy and hit F7, saving it in a new file.
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