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Meh, he's not taking into account that in the 80s we had Amigas that could not be switched to NTSC mode at all without a certain trick to fool the chipset.

Thus it was not a matter of choice that European Amigas ran in a 256 line mode at 50Hz. The ECS chipset gave us mode switching, but naturally even after that, European titles had to be coded to work with the large OCS installed base, so we got squashed graphics in Atari ST ports and of course any OCS machine running an American title had squashed graphics too.

USA titles should be run in an NTSC mode, this I agree with, but it's not nostalgic or how we experienced it for any of us old OCS geezers.

Hehe, total comms failure. I wasn't able to get my point across and he's on such a crusade that he just shoots everyone down.

What a waste of time. Nevertheless I hope this will result in more NTSC aspect videos of American games.

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