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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
What do you mean by "Workbench 1.35" and then why not use a system based WB3.1, with A600 ECS CPU 68000 you will never have a play AGA.
I have an HDF file named "workbench-135.hdf" and others replacing 135 with 211 and 311 - the last two are the ones I've used for WHDLoad, being both A600 and A1200 compatible, or so I assume.

The trouble with WB3.1 is that it's AGA only, and OCS and ECS are not easily supported by it. Unless I'm wrong and you correct me, I will assume that. Also, why would I not want to play AGA? I think AGA is Amiga as much as OCS and ECS is, and I don't get this purist attitude towards the older chipsets.
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