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I haven't looked at the site yet, but after reading the above quotes from Antiriad's visit, I think I'll pass on the propaganda brainwash re-write of history.

My fav part is where it described ST domination in Europe until the takeover of multi-tasking PC's. One day, it's all Atari, the next day it's the PC. I was around during these years and the Atari's presence was flimsy in every single department except for audio production (and only because of that stupid MIDI port than anyone could have bought for the Amiga or PC back then for lunch money). The screens I have seen of said audio production software looked 320x200 resolution anyhow, so how advanced could it have really been? Sounds like the software just played slave to MIDI keyboards, which is nothing but the 68000 crunching numbers. The ST's domination in that department had nothing whatsoever to do with anything unique to that machine.

Just had to set the record straight. I'm not carrying a torch for Amiga vs. ST rumbling at all, I just hated seeing the facts twisted around back then, and it bugs seeing the spin in 2003. The Amiga has always had to take beatings from the PC crowd for this and that (albeit, unfairly), so seeing ST geeks doing this will always be a sore spot for me.
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