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Let me pose a question and sort-of bring this back into its original topic: Is there actually going to be a game?

Despite a few coding courses and a few game code done in my young teens, nowadays I'm basically a layman when it comes to coding and other associated technicalities. Yet, I still love my old systems, especially the Amiga. I like playing old-school games, even if they're new (the so called "new-retro"). But, somehow, here in the Amiga community, we often see this pattern: someone comes up with a game project; posts about it; shows off a few graphics and game-design ideas; sometimes they come up with very early demos; then they vanish or stay dormant forever; the "new" game never materializes and the rest of the thread derails into a purely technical-theoretical debate. Thank God for the (rare) exceptions!

From a pure non-technical gaming fan, I say: how unfortunate.
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