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Nice article, but i have some points to raise...

Its almost of Hollywood proportions, but Jack Tramiel would buy Atari, CBM's former competitor, and begin building a rival to challenge the very company he founded.
It challenged...and failed.

The Atari ST was an advanced, feature rich personal computer when it was launched. It had been received with critical acclaim, and initial sales were strong, enabling Atari Corp to prove itself to the market place and end users. It changed the perception of the

Atari brand, and critically, was launched ahead of the more expensive Commodore Amiga, and at a better price/performance point in comparison to the Apple Macintosh and IBM compatibles.
Neglects to mention how superior the Amiga actually was... funny that, i mean! The ST didnt even have a built in floppy drive when it was launched! Even when they put one in it was a single sided DD one! And its dire 8bit Yamaha sound chip? Pleeeease...

After all, the PC isn't radically different to the ST, Amiga or Apple platforms of old, and is overly complicated in its design, especially to new users. It was much easier to use an ST for the first time, and was less intimidating in its approach, compared to
today's PC.
Excuse me? The ST and PC may have been similiar (thanks to Tramiel nicking bits to create the fudge that was the ST) but the Amiga was blatently not! And interesting to note how he fails to compare the STs ease of use to the Amiga? Perhaps that would raise the issue that the ST's OS was a load of **** compared to even Workbench 1.3!

Atari did have success with the ST, that cannot be denied. Europe in particular became the cash cow, and Germany became Atari's single biggest market. But the PC manufacturers marched on, as prices continued to fall and big business' wanted to standardise their IT systems. The Multi-tasking PC was the computer of choice for most companies by the end of the 80's, and this was also helped along by Intel and Microsoft.
Multi Tasking PC???? In circa 1990??? What a load of ****!!!

If Atari had carried its fight from the launch of the ST, and concentrated on a more aggressive long-term strategy, perhaps it could have carved an Apple-like niche in the market. What pains end-users of the ST the most, is knowing that the platform was viable from day one, and it had a strong presence in many areas, specifically as a home computer, as a cost effective DTP platform and especially in the music industry where it held an enviable position as the music computer of choice.
No....from day one the Commodore Amiga surpassed the Atari ST in EVERY respect. And the music industry was its ONLY strong presence...the Amiga dominated gaming and video production by comparison, the Amiga had a much higher chance of carving a Apple like niche in the market than the ST ever did.

I wouldn't say that any of the Tramiel family were selfish in the running of Atari, they did deliver good products with affordable price tags, and although its easy now to criticise what are historical facts, you must still admire what they successfully

achieved and ultimately what they "tried" to achieve. Commodore left the stage long before Atari, as did many other companies that shared the cut-throat world of consumer electronics both as partners and competitors to each other.
Excuse me? Atari went bust only a year later! As much as most of this article is a good analysis of Tramiels failed business practices,
the ST preaching aspects of it are laughable...

Now, i love the Atari ST, but ill always know the Amiga kicked it butt! And then some!
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