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Originally Posted by Blackgoat View Post
Thank you for advices! Now I can imagine, how is possible to make even 16 color game nice and colourfull. Those examples you send are too much "pastel" for me, as I prefer more contrast, "arcadey" palette (like the one in Turrican, lemmings,or Mega-lo-mania for example) and hate when palete did not contain red color which is really red :-D and instead there is somethink like rotten carrot. I remember how i refuse to play Duke 3D back in 96, because everythink was colored with tones of grey, ocre, jeans blue and carrot.
I know what you mean, i had a friend who called this "stinky graphics". It is even more extreme in those OCS games that had to squeeze it all into only 7 colours for the very limited parallax mode that was available.

Dawnbringer's palette is actually fairly similar to the C64 palette, but it is a bit brighter than that, i think. You can, of course, use a different palette for every game level and optimise for each particular atmosphere (and use the upper 16 colours for the main sprite so they can be independent of the different level palettes). The Pixel Art graphics tool GrafX2 has a palette analysis tool that might be useful.
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