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If the Add Harddrive box shows the card with its correct size and it can be successfully added without getting an 'E' in the first column, then it will work. It's just a matter of configuring the Amiga software to look at the right place. Buying a new card will not help, you will only get the same result.

Check the tooltypes of the program you use, there should be one which reads either DEVICE=something.device (HDInstTool) or SCSI_DEVICE_NAME=something.device (HDToolbox). Change this to read either scsi.device (IDE controller) or uaehf.device (UAE controller). And remove the brackets around it, if there are some. If you change the controller, you have to change to tooltype, too.

If you use IDE controller, make sure that the chipset/motherboard you configure actually has an IDE controller and that the Kickstart you configure matches the chipset/motherboard, otherwise it won't work.

If WinUAE does not show the right size, after CLEAN in DiskPart enter CREATE PART PRIMARY and DELETE PART. Also check if LIST DISK shows the right size.
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