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Thank you for advices! Now I can imagine, how is possible to make even 16 color game nice and colourfull. Those examples you send are too much "pastel" for me, as I prefer more contrast, "arcadey" palette (like the one in Turrican, lemmings,or Mega-lo-mania for example) and hate when palete did not contain red color which is really red :-D and instead there is somethink like rotten carrot. I remember how i refuse to play Duke 3D back in 96, because everythink was colored with tones of grey, ocre, jeans blue and carrot.

But my actual palette is extreme in other way - too much basic dpaint colours, so I will try to found nicer compromise.

One more question - I remember old amiga games "nearly monochromatic" - Xenon 2, Gods, Magic pockets... or very bright and saturated - examples I write before, Ruff n tumble, superfrog... So it looks like palette similar to examples here was not much prefered in those years (SotB palette maybe, looks similar) possible that those pastel colous will not look good on CRT monitor / TV, so from pure historical/retro point of view are not good choice? Now I am thinking a lot, if I want to make actual game with retro feeling, or homage to amiga old school gaming style. Not only in palette choice, one button joystick for example, was curse for most amiga games, and autofire or holding button tricks do not work very well with some emulators today.
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