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New site:

After a recent alpha testing period we are very happy to announce Ask Amiga at A free online resource in a similar vein to Stack Overflow where users can come to ask and answer technical questions related to Amiga and all it's relations, software and hardware.

For a system that's thirty years old there is already a wealth of information available on the internet. However, we wanted to provide a resource that would be easily searchable with concise answers. We hope this resource will encourage new fans to come to Amiga and that the current genertion of passionate users won't be the last.There are still some items in the pipeline such as a database export of questions and answers. For the short-term we are focused on any teething issues that might surface with an increased user base. Soon then we will cast away the beta sticker! Other features coming next will be an area for meta discussion as well as automatically granting rights such as editor etc., which is currently a manual process of checking each interval who has reached a certain score on the site.

Anyone interested in asking or answering, please head on over to the site. You can create an account or use Google, Twitter or Facebook authentication. Last time checked, you can also view the site on IBrowse but not up-vote or down-vote. Many thanks to the beta testers as well as a special mention to Christopher Follett of hosting!
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