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About sprite, walking still looks weird and I am not sure about outlines. What else need to improve?
About palette, you think palette in general, or colors used in map? I use generally abour 4 tones of green and brown, eight tones of grey (including b+w), and one or two from other colours

More people say that my palette is not optional, but I dont know how to make it better. The aim is colourfull, comics style, a bit like it was in old NES games... I like, for example, Bitmap Brothers style, which in some of their games is nearly monochromatic, and still looks artistic and awesome, but IMHO it not suit for my game.

I use amiga as 13 years kid, and now it is 20 years later, so I am lacking some basic skills - if you can give me more advice, I will be happy. Thx,
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